About me: bunked classes; watched cricket; passed exams.

More about me: mortally afraid of touchscreen cellphones; intellectually challenged; couch potato; coffee addict; teetotaler; non-smoker.

Inspirations for writing: Chetan Bhagat; Durjoy Datta; Amish Tripathi; Ravinder Singh: between them, they gave me the feeling that everyone can write.

Reason for calling it Abhishek's Blog and not anything snazzy: The curt, smooth, sleek, suave name gives the blog a raw, lean, hungry, macho look; it's all about animal magnetism these days.

Email ID: ovshake at gmail dot com; also Google+ ID; may not add back if added without an email.

Facebook profile: Facebook dot com slash ovshake; may not add back if added without a message.

Twitter handle: Twitter dot com slash ovshake42; doesn't do anything if followed without informing.

Favourite personality: Fardeen Khan.

Favourite movie: Gunda.

Main reason to crave for global atheism: pork biriyani.

Greatest achievement till date: killing three mosquitoes with a single clap, circa 1988.

Singing domain: restrooms.

Co-curricular ability: wolf-whistling.

Other features: does not play ice-hockey.

Most satisfying hygienic activity: cleaning earwax; poking nose comes a close second.

Least satisfying hygienic activity: shaving.

Wants to be remembered as: an epitome of narcissism.

Strength: an extensive knowledge of Uruguayan theology at the turn of the 19th century.

Weakness: sense of humour.

Wants to be reborn as: Rahul Gandhi.

Confession: serious crush on Mila Kunis.