Friday, May 25, 2012

Yet Another Towel Day

It's that time of the year again, mate. A lot has passed over my life, the Universe and everything meanwhile. A lot. Things so complicated that cannot be solved using only potatoes.

Of course - we have learnt not to panic - even while making our own lives miserable for small green bits of paper that aren't really unhappy themselves.

These days we do not think that digital watches are a pretty neat idea. But then, we still retain the essence by thinking that birds crashing on pigs for hours at a stretch is neat.

Hitch-hike a lot, wherever you are, mate. Be sure to visit Sago Mud Salad. And maybe give the Kilimanjaro a shot as well. Order something really non-trivial at the Restaurant You-Know-Where.

Have fun. Happy atheism. You rock. 101010.

Image courtesy: Gizmodo


  1. Impossible to leave a rational comment on this post! :)


  2. You brought a tear to my eyes. Great tribute.

  3. Uh, someone should really open a restaurant here with that name. I would go there to honour the name. Speaking of which I have been through a really little town (probably technically a town though one might think it is too small for that) which proudly proclaims on their water tank: "The center of the Universe". Now if someone could come up with an end instead ...

  4. 101010 indeed :).

    And happy atheism? What ever happened to Pasta-farianism?