Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Thanks guys

Parents' reaction after topping school in a board examination. Insignificant.
First salary cheque. Okayish.
Being a father. A moment of joy.

Ricky Ponting's expression after India chase down 216 after being 124/8. Now that's what the MasterCard people call priceless.

Heartbreaks. Diseases. Demises. Joblessness. Tsunamis. Wars. Fardeen Khans. Religious riots. These. Whatever happens, these guys always bail you out of it. Always.

And amidst the Gavaskars, Kapils, Vengsarkars, Azharuddins, Tendulkars, Kumbles, Srinaths, Gangulys, Dravids, Zaheers, Dhonis, he has, and shall remain my favourite cricketer. Forever.

Thanks guys. Thanks VVS. Thanks for making me live, as opposed to breathe all these years, despite everything.


  1. "Thanks VVS. Thanks for making me live, as opposed to breathe all these years, despite everything." - i raise a toast to that. may he make me have more such sleepless nights :)

  2. I couldn't say anything better. What has he given Indian cricket, and us Indians?!

  3. A Very very special innings indeed making you so emotional...Really VVS.

  4. Zaheer is 'Man of the Match'...
    How can anybody choose one MOM in such a this test match?

  5. Sai VVS,puro bridgetree te tumi i ekmatro fan chile..!! He has proved his greatness once again!

  6. He proved the fact once again:
    VVS= Very very special

  7. I demand a Bharat Ratna for VVS Laxman. He has taken revenge for all the beatings of Indians off the field with his bat on the field. :)

    Good one mate, its a special day and it`ll remain special ten years later too.

  8. VVS sotyi australia dekle khepe othe!! asadharon -Fardeen khan r mention ta bapok hoyeche!! tushar kapur ba uday chopra o likte parte!!

  9. This is an ultimate expression of emotional exhileration!