Thursday, August 19, 2010

The ultimate fan

For ages I was under the idea that I was the ultimate cricket fan. In fact, I was the only one I knew who sat through the entire duration of Netherlands vs Scotland matches, and didn't quit watching even when India were 150/9 chasing Pakistan's 300. I had skipped gatherings, lucrative ones, to follow highlights of the day's play, have hit the F5 unlimited times during Irani Trophy matches, and have checked for cricket updates on my cellphone at funerals. I have ruined exams, bunked campus interviews and grown obese, and that's not good enough to describe my dedication to the game.

But this, in my opinion, is ultimate. He is the fan. Cricinfo can actually make a remarkable commercial out of this comment:

Take a bow, mate, whoever and wherever you are.


  1. Sotti ultimate fan!! kintu tumi o kichu te kom nou....jiboner sobcheya guruttopurno anustan ta tumi cricket world cup schedule dekhe thik korechile....eta kintu cricinfo te dewar moton i ghotona....:)

  2. How does the guy charge his cellphone??

    But I remember Avishek da watching a womens cricket match.

  3. u 2 must get in touch :)