Monday, April 19, 2010

The KANK kink question

We've all seen it: Rani Mukherjee (oh, I suppose she uses the spelling Mukherji these days), trying to save her marriage, knocks the door at her own place, blindfolded and carrying an ominous-looking hunter; her father-in-law opens the door, and she pukes out her well-rehearsed lines, only to be embarrassed later on.

Well, I'm not the expert at kink, but honestly, does the blindfolded one do all the flogging? Shouldn't the blindfolded one be at the receiving end instead? What exactly was she trying to do? Walk in blindfolded and slash her whip in all sorts of random directions, without even knowing where her target was? Did she know শব্দভেদী whipping?

Speak up, Mr Johar. The inquisitive man needs his answers.

PS: Further thinking took me back to the epics. Does Mahabharata mention Gandhari being involved in something like this?


  1. tor ei prosne-r uttor Mr. Johar e dite paarbe...

  2. its a kinda baaje bhat..but the last sentence has a Abhishek da touch..

  3. lok e "report abuse" kore debe...!!