Thursday, March 4, 2010

Expiration date

These days everything comes with all sorts of random data: manufacturing date, random time-stamps, This Bag is not a Toy, % of albumin and gelatin and all such "-in"s, and stuff like that.

Recently I came across a packaging without an expiration date. I wonder how many such instances are there right now. Not many, I suppose.


  1. amar mone hoi tar thekeo marattok US e beshir bhag product e thake "sell-by" bipod ki kore janbi je kenar por katodin porjonto use korte parbi?

  2. have you ever seen a bicycle with a warning tag "warning: moves when operated"? i have :) but that too did not have the expiration date stated.

  3. keno shob kichhu-r expiration date thhake na????? :(