Thursday, January 22, 2015

Surprised by Bradman

I have been criticised heavily by all and sundry for not having read Alban George "Johnny" Moyes' 1948 book on Don Bradman (the book was, perhaps in a dash of imagination, titled Bradman). 

Finally I could not take it anymore. I logged on to and ordered what was supposed to be a masterpiece. It cost me around £5 including shipping, which was certainly a fair deal.

This is what they sent me. This. They had mentioned that the dust-jacket was missing, but I had expected it to be in a better condition than this. But then, a book was a book, which meant I had no right to complain.

I flipped open the book to land on this page, and smiled the moment I saw a familiar face — that of the greatest of them all — smiling back at me.

I moved back to the first page the way I often do for secondhand books. While there was no way I would have found anything on the lines of RAHUL LOVES PRIYA, there is usually some message that tells something about the previous owner.

I did, and saw this.

What was it they say about cricket being a great leveller?


Photo courtesy: Tulika Bhattacharya.